June 2016 Newsletter

A Message From Rendy Taylor

Well it is summertime here in the South and the weather is heating up; please remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids and taking rest breaks often, while working out in the heat. Freight has begun to pick up and we feel there is a great opportunity for our drivers to make good money in the next few months.

As you all know the most important day of the week, that determines your greatest Success,is delivering on Monday mornings with hours left to run. This takes a lot of planning on your part, in determining the time you need to leave out in order to make that delivery and have hours available to run.

In my 35 plus years in the trucking industry, I have had the privilege of watching, studying, and the pleasure of being associated with many Successful drivers. The one thing that all these Successful drivers had in common was their trip planning and how well they started their weeks out. They would always know by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest what they had planned with their families for the weekend and we booked freight for them according to these needs. It is all about Communication!!! Good Consistent Communication leads to Great Success, along with Doing What You say You are going To
DO. So let’s all Communicate, Communicate, Communicate for our SUCCESS.

Thanks for everything that each of you do for WTI, and we are truly Committed to the Success of each of YOU!!! Be Safe in your travels, enjoy Life and Your Families, and always keep Safety First

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