WTI Rewards Program Starts April 14, 2014

WTI and Stay Metrics, out of South Bend Indiana, have come together to introduce the “WTI Rewards Program” starting April 14, 2014.

The WTI Rewards Program is designed to recognize and reward drivers for their service, professionalism, safe driving, Hours of Service and company training.  This program was designed for Company Drivers, Lease Purchase and Owner Operators. The entire program is managed online, through a driver’s personalized WTI Rewards Program website. The website provides everything a driver needs—including capturing and displaying the reward points earned. Moreover, when a driver is ready to redeem reward points, this site allows one to directly order their selected prizes.

Stay Metrics also conducts driver interviews at 7 and 45 days of employment as well as annually and when a driver leaves. The data from these driver surveys tell us quickly how drivers are doing and how our drivers’ satisfaction measures up, internally and against all Stay Metrics fleets.

WTI is happy to introduce this exciting program to recognize the great performance of our associates. We believe this program will inspire as well as reward by providing exciting options for redeemed reward points. We’ve designed this program for our driver associates who are the driving force behind our company