WTI March 2017 Newsletter

It looks like Winter is over with, for the most part, and Spring is in the air, which is a good sign for the fl atbed industry. There are some exciting and changing times ahead for the trucking industry. Overall, it appears that the economy is starting to move forward and people are feeling better about their situation along with the country’s economy. We are beginning to see more money being spent on special projects and on construction, both in the commercial and private sectors. Another good sign for the fl atbed industry is, we see companies rebuilding their inventory, which hopefully means freight levels will continue to increase as the year goes forward. From all indications this should be a good year for all of us in the trucking industry, and a well-deserved one

Now, onto some other changes that are coming our way, as you all know ELD’s (Electronic Logging Devices) will be mandatory with all trucking companies, by December, 2017. What this means for us and the industry is that all trucking companies will now be playing on the same level playing field, using the same rules. There are a lot of companies out there that have not even started using ELD’s yet, are they in for a surprise. We can be very successful with the use of ELD’s once you learn how to use them. Not only will it make us a safer company but it will also help us in becoming more effi cient with better utilization of our time. The use of ELD’s will not only be a transition for our drivers but it will be a change for the company’s operations, maintenance, shippers, and outside vendor shops. Time is Money and we must maximize the utilization of our time. WTI is already over 70% compliant with ELD’s.

Some other things that will be taking place in the next month or two will be the recognition and celebration of our Million Mile Drivers, our annual company picnic, and our company wide Safety meetings. Always remember “Safety First” in everything you do, always stay focused on your surroundings and the vehicles around you. Drive defensively and never assume anything, watch your speed and following distances and always expect the unexpected. You guys are the Professionals of the Road and we are very proud of each of you.

Have a Safe Trip and Be Careful,

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